Comcast Keeps Capping

On Thursday, Comcast announced plans to raise its data caps from 250 GB per month to 300 GB in some areas. In a call with reporters, Comcast justified its use of caps and overage fees as necessary to manage congestion, even as it continues to exempt its own Internet video traffic from these caps.

"Comcast has never had any legitimate reason to cap its Internet customers, and Thursday's announcement of new overage charges is just another example of the cable giant's efforts to discriminate against and thwart online video competition,” said Free Press Policy Adviser Joel Kelsey. “Data caps are not a reasonable or effective way to manage capacity problems, which are virtually non-existent for Comcast.”

While Comcast is raising its caps, it would also impose new overage charges on customers who exceed their caps.

“The notion that Comcast would charge an exorbitant rate for additional bandwidth — while continuing to exempt its own traffic under its Xbox deal — illustrates that Comcast is really trying to discourage subscribers from experimenting with online video alternatives,” Kelsey said.

“We call on Comcast to drop the caps and these exorbitant overage fees entirely."

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