Verizon Blocks Again

Last week Verizon announced it was blocking Google’s new Galaxy Nexus phone from using Google Wallet, the mobile payment app. So this week Free Press filed a letter with the Federal Communications Commission, urging it to investigate Verizon Wireless’ action. It’s likely that Verizon is denying subscribers’ access to third-party mobile payment applications because it’s developing its own mobile payment technology, Isis.

This latest bout of app blocking echoes a similar move by Verizon last summer to restrict third-party apps that turned phones into mobile hot spots. In June, we filed a complaint about these violations, arguing that since Verizon had signed on to open-access conditions in exchange for spectrum, it was actually breaking the law by blocking access to applications.

These are both textbook examples of anti-competitive and anti-consumer behavior. The FCC can’t let Verizon get away with them. We’re asking the agency to enforce Verizon’s existing license conditions and adopt real Net Neutrality rules that protect all wireless Internet users.

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people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good