Knocking AT&T’s Deal to Devour T-Mobile

AT&T wants you to think that its takeover of T-Mobile will lower your wireless bills and give you more choices for plans. Industry analysts are already filling our TV screens with prognostications to prop up AT&T’s promises of a bright new wireless future.

Free Press Political Adviser Joel Kelsey is having none of it. In a segment on Bloomberg Television, Kelsey exposed the truth behind the predictions. His first takedown: Christopher Larsen of Piper Jaffray, who claimed that telecom offerings haven’t increased in the 17 years he’s been covering the industry.

Kelsey countered: “A lot of times, the industry, particularly AT&T in the context of this deal, has said the price for voice minutes has gone down. But that’s not really what this merger is about. This merger is about data, this merger is about mobile broadband and access to spectrum.”

Kelsey went on to describe text messaging as a good example. Companies have raised their rates from five cents to 15 cents per message and upwards. Data rates have risen as well, he said.

Watch Joel Kelsey dismantle AT&T’s talking points.

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people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good