What Can I Do?

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Net Neutrality is on life support. To save it we need to turn up the heat on the Federal Communications Commission and Chairman Tom Wheeler. We must stop the FCC from passing rules that would break the Internet and allow discrimination online. The agency needs to reclassify broadband Internet access as a telecommunications service, which would pave the way to long-lasting Net Neutrality protections.
Here’s what you can do to help.

Weigh in at the FCC

Send a Quick Comment to the FCC
While the agency’s official comment period ended on Sept. 15, the docket for comments remains open. Use this tool to craft a quick message and we will make sure it gets filed.

File a Detailed Comment with the FCC

  • Go here to file your comment.
  • Select the Open Internet docket (14–28). It’s right at the top.
  • Enter your name and comment.
  • To double your impact, email your thoughts to openinternet@fcc.gov.


Pick Up the Phone

Call the FCC
Call the FCC commissioners and demand REAL Net Neutrality.

Call Congress
We need Congress to speak out about this now.

Use Your Words

Get tips on how to craft a letter about Net Neutrality to the editor of your local paper. Policymakers and their staff read these letters to get a sense of what their constituents care about. These letters also sway editorial boards and journalists and help raise awareness in the community.
Want to send a personal note to your member of Congress? Email us and we’ll send you some samples to work from.

Meet With Your Member of Congress

Check out our FAQs to get the ball rolling.
Download a sample meeting-request letter.
This handy guide gives you helpful strategies on how to have a successful meeting with your elected officials.

Learn More

Learn More About the Process at the FCC
This post provides helpful info about what happens next.

Get the details on the current state of Net Neutrality.

Speak Out

Take Action
To save the Internet over the long term, we need to speak out about everything from corporate-government collusion to invasions of our online privacy.  

People + Policy

= Positive Change for the Public Good

people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good