Debunk the Junk: Protect Your Internet Rights

We’re in the midst of an amazing time in history when the future of the Internet is being decided – and thus how we communicate, connect and control our own path on the Web and in our lives.

The Internet that the public wants and needs – fast, affordable, universal and open – is at direct odds with the corporate vision of the Internet, where they control what information we can access and who can access it, and can set exorbitantly high, monopoly protected prices for “fast” Internet that crawls in comparison to other countries.

So now, as with all social struggles, we’re faced with a choice: Do we simply hope that the winds blow in our favor, or do we take action to ensure that our rights are protected?

I’m hoping you’ll choose the latter, and not just because I work to advance our Internet rights. I hope you’ll join this movement because, as a fellow citizen and community member, I deeply care that we maintain the open communications platform that has revolutionized the way we relate to one another, tell our stories and share experiences.

I’ve talked with people who can’t afford the Internet, who are trying unsuccessfully to join today’s digital world on a dial-up connection, who can’t apply for jobs or study remotely or view photos of their grandkids. In fact, some of these people live only 30 miles from me, in hill towns that the phone and cable companies have neglected. And I understand that America’s economic recovery hinges on an Internet engine that sparks innovation and creativity – for everyone, not some.

While you may be saying “yes” to all of this, the phone and cable companies have been saying “no.”

Getting everyone connected to broadband? No. Preserving an open Internet? Nope. Lowering prices? Forget about it. And now that the FCC is on the verge of protecting Net Neutrality and promoting universal access, corporate lobbyists are once again flooding Washington with all sorts of fictions to prevent a more open and accessible Internet in America.

Are you OK with that? If you’re not willing to take the chance that we’ll just get the outcome we desire, consider taking action. We’ve created a new site that lets you “debunk the junk” from these companies and set the record straight on Net Neutrality and universal access.

Last year, Congress set aside $7.2 billion in stimulus grants to connect millions of Americans struggling to get online, but companies like AT&T and Comcast said "no" — refusing to take part in the effort.

When the open Internet was made a condition of the stimulus, they said "no" — scrambling their lawyers to defeat efforts to give unfettered access to everyone.

“Debunk the Junk” makes it easy to rebut their misinformation and tell the FCC your side of the story. Washington is finally attempting to close the digital divide, expand super-fast broadband access, and make sure the Internet stays open to innovation. With so much at stake, we can’t let powerful industry lobbyists stand in our way.

People + Policy

= Positive Change for the Public Good

people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good